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Executive Coaching, New York, New York

The Organization Effectiveness Group, based in New York City is an independent consulting firm. We offer strong, cost-effective results in Executive Coaching, Talent Management, Leadership Development and Training, and Change Management to meet your challenging business needs.

Our passion for developing people enhances the partnership your people have with you and improves your results!

Office,Executive Coaching in New York, NY

Our Core Values = Your Competitive Advantage

  • Hands on Senior Leadership Experience - Corporate and Not for Profit Organizations
  • Cost-Effective Professional Rates
  • Only senior experienced staff
  • Unique ability to understand the Talent challenges to your business
  • Practical, Less is More Solutions 


 Executive Coaching  Leadership Development and Training  Change Management

Profiting from Change
The OEG Mission
Our mission is to add value by doing excellent work for a few clients at a time using over 20 years of experience applying proven techniques. Think of us as your own Organization Development department or an extention of those services, without the costly addition of head count. Our broad experience and proven techniques result in the kind of partnership that is required for your success. Our clients appreciate our ability to quickly access their culture and business strategy to help determine how to o best support them in reaching their goals.
Issues We Address

• Does everybody understand how their jobs support business strategies?
• Does your culture support the high performance levels you will need to reach your goals?
• Is Leadership effective throughout the organization?
• Are Training and Development programs addressing real business issues?
• How can you get people to work in teams?
• Do you have the right people in the right places doing the right things?
• How can you be sure communications are working through out the organizations?
• How do you keep people engaged?
• How do you promote continues learning and continuous improvement?

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